Surveys, Polls, Evaluations Made Right with FlowPolls®

Soon the World will Know FlowPolls®

from River Software Technlogies LLC.

Powerful Features, Unlimited Possibilities

Some of the cool features FlowPolls® can give you out-of-the-box!

Mobile Ready

Online and offline modes supported!, ready to use even if there is no network connectivity.

Business Intelligence Ready

We've created a powerful tool to let you visualize your data!

Lots of Customizations

Powerful Question Controls that allow you to do many great things. If you want, use our API to create your own question controls!

Actions, Rules, Integrations!

Trigger "Actions" that might be added from our marketplace.
Create Rules based upon IF-THIS-DO-ELSE-DO recipes.
Integrate with other services if necessary like Facebook, Twitter, or many others!

Start building Surveys, Polls and Evaluations.


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